Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MoJo Go Go

Week 11: Half Marathon Training
Goal Total Miles: 24 miles
Actual Total Miles: 27 miles

Well, I think I may have made up those 3 miles I slacked off on two weeks ago. That makes me feel better. I'm not sure why, but it does.

This week I lost my running mojo. I started the new year off right with a commitment 10k New Year's morning with 10 other local runners. I even ran with the boys for miles three to five. I held my own even if I couldn't keep up with their pace at the end. I secretly think they sped up so a girl wouldn't beat them. :)

But my scheduled runs on Thursday and Friday were absolutely torture for me. I put them both off until the last possible second - as in there's only 45 minutes worth of daylight left so you better put your shoes on and get to it. I hated every moment of both of those runs. I just didn't want to do it, but I did. I tell you, my running mojo has a way of leaving just when it is needed the most.

Sunday's long run was a lot of fun with four ladies, all dressed in some form of pink, which was totally unplanned. Twelve miles at a 9:38 pace is a new record for me. I'm hopeful that I will be able to pull out an even faster pace for my race next week. But I can't count on any pace right now thanks to a very unhappy right knee. Yep, the whole run on Sunday my knee was angry with me. It felt like my knee strap that I continue to wear after fighting through runner's knee earlier this year was rubbing the outside of my knee in a weird place. Somewhere between miles nine and twelve, I either stopped thinking about it or it was numb.

Monday morning was not fun. I was really uncomfortable. My research says it is probably an IT Band issue. I do have pain sometimes in my right hip/bum area and this pain is on the outside of my knee, hurting more when I go downstairs instead of up. Perfect timing for an injury with a 15K coming up this Sunday and a half the next Saturday.

I've been RICEing and rolling the heck out of it to see if it will help. I've seen some improvement between Sunday and today (Tuesday). I did take the day off today and I will attempt to run on it tomorrow morning or afternoon. Fingers and toes crossed I'll be functional tomorrow.

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