About Me

The Running Me
My first medal - 2nd in age group
with running friends Andrea & Faith (L2R)
Dogwood Festival 5k
Perry, GA • 25:26
I'm a beginning runner who has fallen in love with lacing up. I'm addicted to a 5k race. I'm learning to love a 10k. I'm excited about training for my first half. I'll let you know if after I survive 13.1 if I could somehow run that far again. I always wear pink on race day (yep, I'm the running Tiger Woods).

I love reading other running blogs and learning from women that I will most likely never meet. I'm flattered when one of my girlfriends decides to try their hand at running and come to me for advice (like I know anything other than how to Google stuff). I like learning about running from people who really know what they are doing.

I'm not a fitness junkie. In fact, I lost 24 lbs in the first six months of picking up my running habit. I've never set foot in a real gym.

KC and Me at Fenway South
Spring training home of the Red Sox
Ft. Myers, FL
The Home Me
My husband (KC) and I have been married for 11 years and are childless-by-choice (much to my mother's disappointment). We live very full lives with our own passions, including movies (we've been called cinephiles), greyhound dog rescue (we have two that you can read about here), and traveling to see all Boston sports teams (Sox, Pats, Bruins, Celtics) play in various locations. I also like to read fiction. I try to read a meaningful book and then trash so not to burden my brain with thought-provoking symbolism. If there's reality television on, I'm probably DVR-ing it.

I have a weakness for frozen yogurt, Mexican food and donuts. I love a maple/bacon donut. Don't judge me.

My Babies - Roxy (brown) & Seka (black)

The Work Me
No one really understands what I do for work, but I'll try to explain it like this: I help companies communicate to/with their employees. So I do fun stuff like write newsletters, create recognition programs and explain how to get the most out of their benefit plans. I also do un-fun stuff like lay people off.

I work out of my home 90% of the time. I do change into yoga pants and put on a sports bra most days. The rest of the time I'm on an airplane, driving a crappy rental car or getting lost on the subway.

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  1. Okay, daughter-in-law, I'm loving these blogs! What a way to know what you two DINKS(Dual Income No KidS) are up to!!!