I don't think I've run enough races to give good reviews. But I have lots of opinions and I'll share a few here. A lot of runners don't get excited about a 5k. I like the race day experience - no matter the distance. Having a race on the calendar keeps me motivated and I try to find one to run at least once a month.

February 2012
Bookin' It 5k - Macon, GA (my first race ever)

Cantrell Center 5k - Warner Robins, GA

March 2012
Gator Gallop 5k - Warner Robins, GA

Cherry Blossom 5k- Macon, GA

April 2012
Dogwood Festival 5k - Perry, GA
25:26 - 2nd in Age Division

Dirty Girl Mud Run - Atlanta GA
No Time, but Plenty of Grime

May 2012
Battle of Byron 5k - Byron, GA
26:32 - 1st in Age Division

Chick-Fil-A Race Series - Macon, GA
26:50 - 4th in Age Division

June 2012
Chick-Fil-A Race Series - Warner Robins, GA
26:49 - 3rd in Age Division

Jim Gibbon's Traffic Jam 5k - Chicago, IL
25:51 - 7th out of 73 in Age Division

July 2012
Beech Mountain 5K - Beech Mountain, NC
31:56, 1st in Age Division

September 2012
Labor Day 10K - Macon, GA
55:59, 9th in Age Group

October 2012
Glow Run - Las Vegas, NV
No Time, Run with BFF

Jay's Hope 5K - Macon, GA
25:30, 3rd in Age Group

November 2012
Light More Homes 5K - Macon, GA
25:50, 3rd in Age Group

December 2012
Reindeer Run 5K - Macon, GA
25:07, 8th in Age Group (71 runners)

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  1. You forgot to include your run in Chicago with Kevin.